Dobarsko Association, Rila National Park Directorate and the Pirin Tourism Forum

invite you to

opening of the Caterpillar Trail, Rila Primrose Trail and Dobarsko Visitor Center

30 June – 01 July 2007
Villageof Dobarsko, RazlogMunicipality

The Caterpillar Trail, the Rila Primrose Trail and the Dobarsko Visitor Center are part of a project called “Biodiversity protection and sustainable local development through ecotourism in the area of Razlog, Bulgaria”. The project is implemented by the Dobarsko Association in partnership with Rila National park Directorate, the Pirin Tourism Forum, Razlog Municipality and local companies related to sustainable tourism. Funding has been provided jointly by the Small Grants Programme of the Global Environmental Facility and all partners.



30 June, Saturday

11.00               Opening of exhibition with opportunities to buy of local products and souvenirs from the area of Razlog, in the center of Dobarsko.
Opportunities to visit the two churches in the village center: Sveti Sveti Theodor Tiron and Theodor Stratilat, and Sretenie Gospodne.

12.00               Opening of Dobarsko Visitor Center, with interpretative expositions for the caterpillar and Rila primrose, in the building of Razlog Forestry in Dobarsko.

14.00               Opening of the two eco-tourist trails – Caterpillar Trail and Rila Primrose Trail – in Rila NP. Walk along one of the trails (visitor’s choice) with local guides.

19.00               Music and dance in the center of Dobarsko.


01 July, Sunday

09.00               Opportunity for all guests who have walked one of the two trails on Saturday, to walk the other one, again with local guides.

Afternoon       For all who still have energy and enthusiasm – short walks in the surroundings of  Dobarsko.

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