4 Surprising Quick Spring Road Trips in the US

February 1, 2019 Andy Reed 0

Spring is one of the most glorious times of the year, making us feel alive as the earth regenerates and flowers bloom, and we feel this urge to get out of the office and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. It distracts us as somehow, we feel the pull to leave work behind and the need to get out and do something, go somewhere. Ignoring it doesn’t help. But work can make it tough to get away.

But in the end, you will be even more productive if you give in just a little bit. If you are on the road consider taking a quick mini-vacation, just twenty-four hours of getaway time. Grab a 24-hour car rental and have a mini-vacation wherever you are and enjoy mother nature as flowers bloom delightfully possibly just a short distance away from where you are staying right now.

Here are 4 surprising quick spring road trips that you might not have considered as the perfect place to experience the first signs of spring.

•Austin, Texas
•Monterey, California
•Portland, Oregon
•Chicago, Illinois

Austin, Texas

If you happen to be on business in either Austin or San Antonio in the spring, you really …