Foreign travel checklist: Part 2

February 22, 2019 Andy Reed 0

Travelling can be challenging, especcially when you didn’t make an effort to do a little research and prepare yourself to it. of courese, you can not be aware of all challenging situations that can occure during your trip, but resuming the travel experience and some advices on this topic you can define couple general recomendations. I made my own list of such advices. The first part of them you can fing in my foreign travel checklist!

Not only do travelers take a lot of stress in advance, also for the holiday itself.  Renting a car at hertz car rental orlando will also be an added advantage as to plan to travel.

Here are the rest of my tips what you should do before the trip:


Check that there are no gaps between your route and what you are carrying. Travel lightly with only the essentials!


Make sure your passport is valid. In some countries, such as Thailand, your passport will still have to be valid for 6 months after the date of return.


I too liked the movie Into The Wild (see the top 10 …

Foreign travel checklist

February 19, 2019 Andy Reed 0

Organizing your trip, vacation or world tour can be very stressful! Forgetting a simple formality before you leave can turn your trip into a nightmare! To prevent such troubles during your trip I made a list of things to arrange ahead your trip. A few simple advices easily can help you to escape some difficulties, which can face every tourist on his way. One more tip right away – to make your travel experience more comfortable think of getting a vehicle at rental 24h on your spot.

So I suggest a check list of things to do before going on vacation, to be sure you have not forgotten! And do not miss my second part of the Foreign travel checklist!

Traveler checklist


Some countries you visit will require vaccination. Do not forget to do them.


Many countries still apply for a visa to enter the territory. Some countries like Russia even ask for a certificate from the hotel where you will be staying, or from the person where you will be staying.


Having a credit card of relief can allow you to avoid big galères (true story).
Read my article on how …

Ideal drive cars for your getaway destinations

February 11, 2019 Andy Reed 0

There is no way you can afford going for your special vacation and fail to use your best drive car for that extraordinary destination. If you are not in a position of owning one, it is advisable to rent a car 24 hour to prevent any inconvenience. Roadtrip plays an important role in ensuring your vacation is enjoyable and more fascinating so to say. Everyone admires to get a memorable and unforgettable traveling experience in their life. They will always want to drive cars with new features and functionalities that make them feel comfortable in their trip.

People will always consider a vehicle that exhibit attributes like fuel economy, comfort, useful technological features, and reliability. Here are the best drive cars for your vacation.

1. BMW (328D XDRIVE) sports wagon

This type of car exhibit the attribute of the fuel economy. Its technological feature makes it convenient for long road trips. It allows you to travel for long distances without causing unnecessary inconveniences looking for fuel. It runs up to 40 mpg along the highway. It also features ample storage space for snacks, favorite trivia matches, and bags. The driving modes enable its users to adjust rides from stiff to …

4 Surprising Quick Spring Road Trips in the US

February 1, 2019 Andy Reed 0

Spring is one of the most glorious times of the year, making us feel alive as the earth regenerates and flowers bloom, and we feel this urge to get out of the office and enjoy what mother nature has to offer. It distracts us as somehow, we feel the pull to leave work behind and the need to get out and do something, go somewhere. Ignoring it doesn’t help. But work can make it tough to get away.

But in the end, you will be even more productive if you give in just a little bit. If you are on the road consider taking a quick mini-vacation, just twenty-four hours of getaway time. Grab a 24-hour car rental and have a mini-vacation wherever you are and enjoy mother nature as flowers bloom delightfully possibly just a short distance away from where you are staying right now.

Here are 4 surprising quick spring road trips that you might not have considered as the perfect place to experience the first signs of spring.

•Austin, Texas
•Monterey, California
•Portland, Oregon
•Chicago, Illinois

Austin, Texas

If you happen to be on business in either Austin or San Antonio in the spring, you really …

How to Plan a Perfect Road Trip This Winter

October 22, 2018 Andy Reed 0

You might want to use car rentals to deal with your road trip. These types of trips are truly awesome, and you can take advantage of them whenever you want. These are the perfect vehicles to spend quality time with your family down the line too.

We will give you some tips that you can use to take your road trip to a whole new level, and you will manage to do this at all times. Therefore, you have to read on so you can truly do what you have to do during a road trip these days too.

Making the Most of Your Trip

Car Inspection and Planning Out

Inspecting your vehicle is also a great idea, and you have to do this before setting off on the trip. Yes, you need to do this so you can truly have peace of mind right away. Therefore, you have to do these things:

– Check your tires.
– Check the oil.
– Check the water level.
– Check the gas.
– Check the windscreen wipers.
– Check the lights.

Take advantage of Google Maps so you can make out the route right away, and that will allow you to go …