Reasons Why You Need Car Wheel Alignment

Why do you need a car wheel alignment in Dubai? One reason, you may ask. If you have been driving for any period then you may well have noticed that the car you’re driving now feels a little wobbly when you take corners. This isn’t always the fault of your tires, but the wheel is often the culprit. If you’re driving over a bump or on some dirt, then the alignment can easily be lost. You will notice that the steering will start to turn a little off as the wheels try to catch themselves.

  • Perhaps the most apparent sign that you require an alignment change is when your car is pulling to one side on the road. When you take a turn and steer your car in one direction for a bit, does your car suddenly want to veer to the right or left? If, so then your alignment has been suffering. Now, maybe on a dry track, this might not seem like a big deal. However, if you’re on a road with a lot of speed, then the effect of slipping can be dangerous, especially when you’re turning into a tight turn.
  • Car wheel alignment means that the wheels no longer act like a platform that is being tilted up or down by the weight of the vehicle. Instead, they now point in the same direction, or the same direction relative to the vehicle’s centerline. This results in smoother steering and greater vehicle stability.
  • It also means that the tires are more or less centrally located on the wheels. When these two things are the case, the car will be much easier on the tire, meaning it will wear faster and leave minimum marks when driving. The more evenly the wheels are aligned the less wear there will be between the tires and the wheel. This will also translate into better fuel mileage.
  • One of the other main reasons why you need a wheel alignment is so that you can prevent uneven tire wear. This happens because if the tires are not evenly worn there is likely to be more ‘drift’ in the wheel alignment. This means that when you change the wheel alignment the direction of travel of the wheel changes.
  • This causes the tires to wear more at the contact patch. This wear pattern makes the car’s handling ability deteriorate over time. It is generally believed that off-road vehicles suffer the most from off-road wear patterns. 

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